In an era where blogging has become one of the most sought after means of expressing oneself, it cannot be denied that all the hoopla allows quality of content to go downhill. Nowadays, for every good blog, there are 5 others that make you regret clicking the link that led you there. Which is why it’s recommended that you cater to a specific blog for every type of concern you have. And you have to make sure it’s a good one, too.


But then, how do we distinguish a good blog from a bad one? Or to be more specific about it, what kind of qualities should we look for in bloggers in order for us to know they deserve a subscription?


Well, here’s a list of the kind of bloggers we need nowadays:


1. The SMART Blogger 

He knows what he’s doing. He knows where he stands. He knows what he needs to do to increase viewership and tangibly help his readers. He’s smart in a sense that his decisions and initiatives are well-calculated and well-planned out. He uses his prowess to make his posts both viral and resilient at the same time. The Internet desperately needs smart bloggers because smart bloggers create smart blogs. And smart blogs attract smart readers.


2. The RELEVANT Blogger

Let’s face it, we need blogs that actually AFFECT us. We need content that we NEED, if that makes any sense at all. Relevant bloggers are those who exert enough effort to know and understand their audience and their needs. Oftentimes, all it takes to be relevant is taking the time to step back and look around. This cannot be any more true nowadays, when obsoletion happens in a matter of days—even hours.



3. The INTERESTING Blogger 

Unless it’s in a textbook and final’s week is in a few days, no one reads a paragraph about something that doesn’t strike their fancy—much less a whole blog. The internet generation is a generation with an unbelievably short attention span. And we have to adapt to that. The more interesting a blog is, the more likely people will be to gravitate towards it. And frankly, any topic can make for an interesting blog post, it’s all in  pushing the right buttons.


4. The CONSISTENT Blogger 

No, consistent here does not mean posting a blog at 4:35 PM everyday. That’s just bordering on creepy. What we mean by consistency deals more with sticking to your blog’s purpose. If his blog is about life, a consistent blogger would mainly blog about life. Unless it’s a “random thought” blog, then consistency in blog content would be the key to building a firm and supportive readership.


5. The ATTENTIVE Blogger 

Similar to how we all need friends who listen more than yap, we need bloggers who are attentive and who are willing to listen to their audience. How do you gauge that, you ask? Well, if their blogs are SMART enough to be helpful, RELEVANT to what we need, INTERESTING enough to make us read and CONSISTENT enough to be reliable, then you have yourself an ATTENTIVE blogger. And attentive bloggers are worth following.