We specialize in Non-Profit Websites and Messaging.

Clearly and effectively communicate what your non-profit does to raise more funds and engage more people.

Crystal clear messaging

Better engagement with donors and volunteers

Confidence your non-profit will grow


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5 Things You can do Today for some Quick Fundraising Wins

Clear messaging makes a difference.

Are you leading a non-profit and find it difficult to communicate to donors why your organization matters? Do you have trouble engaging volunteers for your organization? Do you have trouble raising the funding that you need? At Global Seven, we believe that clear messaging is at the core of every non-profit’s success. Don’t let a vague and unclear message get in the way of your vision to change the world.

We can guide your non-profit’s growth in three ways:


 With over 20 years of experience in marketing, messaging and running various non-profits we’ve got plenty of experience to bring to the table.


Without a clear message, you’re sunk. We use the StoryBrand Framework to clarify your message so the world knows the tremendous value you bring.


As a former non-profit director, I personally know the passion and hard work it takes to build a thriving organization. We will treat your non-profit as our own because we’ve been there.

Getting Started is Simple!


Step One: Schedule a call

Schedule a 30-minute call with me.


Step Two: Receive a custom proposal

Receive a custom proposal designed to grow your company.


Step Three: Implement and grow

Implement The StoryBrand framework into every aspect of your business and watch the growth. 

What makes us different?

Find out here.

At Global Seven, we know you want to be a non-profit leader who can clearly communicate what your non-profit is doing to engage more volunteers and funding.

In order to do that you need a crystal clear message and a professional website.

The problem is people don’t know or understand what great things your organization is doing or how to engage with it, which is frustrating and discouraging. We believe that it is just plain wrong that your organization doesn’t have the funding and the involvement that it deserves. We understand because we have been there. We come from a non-profit background and it is our passion to help non-profits communicate clearly and get the funding and engagement that they deserve.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Set up a 30-minute introduction call so we can listen to what your needs are.
  2. We will prepare a custom proposal for you that will clarify your messaging and web presence.
  3. We will implement this strategy across your organization and you will see funding and engagement go up.

In the meantime, download this free PDF “5 things you can do today for some quick fundraising wins”, so you can stop being confused about how to engage people in your organization and instead make the impact that you know you can.

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Boost your Non-Profit Fundraising efforts

Download our free PDF on 5 Things you can do Today for Quick Fundraising Wins here!

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