If you are looking to leave a bold impression with your Twitter account it might be time to think about using a custom Twitter background. If you don’t have any graphic skills and you want to do it for free you can always use the free background designs that Twitter provides. Simply click “settings” under your profile, then click “design.” You can set your background to any of the “premade themes.” Another option is to use Themeleon by colourlovers.com. They have lots of great customization features. I’ve highlighted both of these options below.

  To create your own custom background it takes a few more steps. First you will need to create your own image. When creating your own image it is important to remember that Twitter backgrounds are left-aligned with the content centered on the page. This means that the left side of your image will always stick to the left edge of the browser. People will have many different sizes of monitors and browsers so it is a good idea to keep your design where people will most likely always see it. You can see below that I’ve used a red box to highlight the optimal space for your image without it getting covered by the main content. I recommend creating a 1280px-wide-by-800px-tall image. This size should provide adequate resolution for almost any browser window. In this example our logo and text is approximately 125px by 600px. That size should fit in most browsers. Remember this is just an image so any links you want to include will not be active.

When you’re finished with your design, upload it to the design panel and click save. Don’t click the tile box or your image will repeat in larger browsers. Finally I recommend using a common background color in your image that you can match to the Twitter background color. This creates a seamless effect on your screen. In our example my image background is black and I’ve set the Twitter background to match. Well, time to get started! Here are some inspiring custom Twitter backgrounds to help you out. Not sure what you want? Let the experts help you! Contact us today!