We build sales funnels that work.

To survive in this new economic climate you need more than a website, you need a sales funnel.

Keep moving forward while everyone else has hit pause.

Build a sales funnel that will survive a recession quickly.

Have the confidence your business will grow in any economic environment.


Downloadable fundraising PDF:

“How to recession proof your business.”

Clear messaging makes a difference.

Do you find yourself pivoting your business because of the Global Pandemic? Are your sales dropping off? Are you wondering how to get new customers in the next 6 months? At Global Seven, we believe that clear messaging and a well built sales funnel is at the core of every business’ success. Don’t let a vague and unclear message get in the way of your vision to change the world.

We can guide your marketing in three ways:

Effective Sales Funnel

A sales funnel will help you earn trust, build relationships with customers and be able to pivot when you need to most.


Without a clear message, you’re sunk. We use the StoryBrand Framework to clarify your message so the world knows the tremendous value you bring.


 These days time is critical and you can’t sit around for months waiting for your new website. We will get you up and running quickly so that you can hit your sales goals sooner.

Getting Started is Simple!


Step One: Schedule a 30-minute introductory call.


Step Two: Receive a custom proposal


Step Three: Watch your business grow.

When I started Fort Collins Adventure Rentals it was imperative that we made money right away. Jon and his team were able to get our site up and generate traffic quickly. As a result of their work we’ve exceeded our initial revenue expectations and are now planning on expanding our operation!

Ross H.

What makes us different?

Find out here.

At Global Seven, we know you want to be a successful business leader who’s navigated the Global Pandemic and recession successfully. In order to do that you need an effective sales funnel with a crystal clear message. The problem is that people don’t know or understand what great things your business is doing or how to engage with it, which is frustrating and discouraging. We believe that it is just plain wrong that your business doesn’t have the sales that it deserves. We understand because we have been there. We survived the 2008 downturn and we have helped many businesses do the same. Here’s how we do it: 1. Set up a 30-minute introduction call so we can listen to what your needs are. 2. We will prepare a custom proposal for you that will clarify your messaging and sales funnel. 3. We will implement this strategy across your organization and you will see sales and engagement go up. In the meantime, download this free PDF “How to recession-proof your business.” Now you can stop being confused about how to get more sales and instead grow the business that you know you can.

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