Pinterest has been growing at an incredible rate this year. According to Social Times Pinterest has become the highest generating sales funnel on the Internet. With conversion rates higher than Facebook and Twitter it’s hard to justify not investing time in building your own Pinterest following.

With this growing interest we wanted to give you a few tips on how to grow your Pinterest following with your Facebook account.

Now it’s important to clarify that Pinterest will automatically update your personal Facebook profile. However, it does not automatically update your business fan page. For that reason we will focus on how to use Pinterest with your Facebook fan page.

Just because your Pinterest account won’t automatically update your Facebook Fan page doesn’t mean that it can’t be updated. One great way to promote your Pinterest account on your Facebook page is to post links to your specific boards and pins. This can be easily done by posting the link to your board or your pin in your status update. The great thing about your Facebook fan page is that you can create a series of scheduled posts of your boards and your pins.

In addition to adding your Pinterest links to your timeline you can also add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook fan page. This is easy and free to do with  Here is one example from Woobox.

With a Pinterest tab your Facebook fans can browse your pin boards and pins without ever leaving Facebook.

Those are a few easy ways to build your Pinterest following with Facebook but I’m sure that there are others. Have you tried these? What else have you seen?

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