Everyone wants a good laugh. And oftentimes, we unknowingly invest with it. We strengthen relationships, seal deals and fall in love with it. Whether you believe it or not, our laughter can take us way beyond the effort we put into making that witty comment.

Which is why humor, for the most part, can be a great tool for you to bring in customers via social media. Yes, it’s not as personal as an inside joke between you and your best friend, but it CAN bring you and people you don’t know in ONE direction. And that’s what makes it beautiful. Haha. See what I did there? Okay. So that wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But really, humor drops the tension between you and your not-so-close reader. It’s a great way to interact WITHOUT the interaction.

So what do you need to be humorously economical?


    1. A FUNNY BONE – Let’s face it. Not everyone is meant for comedy. Well yes, they can come up with a witty joke every once in a while. But we’re talking about a regular update here. You need someone who you can rely on cooking up a good meme on a day-to-day basis. Don’t try it if you know you’re not funny. Or try it. You know, to be ironic. Whatever floats your boat. Just as long as you’re sure of your posts’ hilarity.

All up to you, brah. All up to you.

    1. SOUND MORAL BOUNDARIES– Keep your jokes clean. Plain and simple. If you’re unsure whether your latest tweet sounds like a double entendre, then DON’T post it. You don’t want to risk your reputation if you’re not willing to bear the burden of backlash. Have you heard of those people who went viral for tweeting insensitively? You know what happened to them?

      Yes? Well, there you go.

    2. A STRONG & UP-TO-DATE GUT– The ability to test the waters and see what works and what wouldn’t is essential for any person who wants to be funny. Hit it right, and the retweets, likes and favorites will come rushing in. Hit it wrong, and you might just find yourself in the middle of awkwardville. Check the “trending” bar for inspiration. Read your news feed to know what’s up. Read the newspaper. Keep yourself updated and if necessary, ride the bandwagon.

      But remember to get off it at some point.

    3. AN OPEN EAR – Be open to criticism. It helps you learn. Really. Sure some of those guys are just trolling, but if you’re open-minded enough, you’d know which comments to take in and which ones to throw out.  Besides, you’re trying to lure THEM, not the other way around. So listening to what they have to say oughtta do you some good.

More good than you can imagine.

  1. A SERIOUS SIDE – We all want to be funny all of the time. But different times call for different tweets. Be sure to remind your audience that you are actually a legit business and that you sell REAL products. Oftentimes, funny business tweeps get confused for parody accounts. People laugh at their tweets, but refuse to take them seriously when they really are. You can alternate your serious tweet with a funny one. Think of it this way, your business is a to-die-for bachelor and your humor’s the toupee that makes him look even better.

…And it needs to match.

You see, being funny isn’t supposed to be something you keep within business meetings and lunch dates. It’s supposed to be shared and used to bring in MORE people to have lunch dates with. It’s like a warm hug you give to everyone who passes by your home. When done right, becomes endearing rather than hella creepy. So go, brethren, go sprinkle the world with laughter. Make a toothless child smile and a toothless man grin. Be a responsible comedian (or hire one!) and watch as your business grows. You not only reap in the giggles and gurgles from the people you entertain, but also the ka-chings and ba-blings that come with it. 😉


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