How are you doing on building that email list? It can be tedious, slow and tiresome but it is crucial to your marketing plan. Of all the different forms of social media out there email is still the number one way to reach your customers. That’s because most people still use email as the number one way of digital communication. If you love wordpress like we do, then we have a few great plugins that will help you build that email list with a little less effort!

#1 Custom Popups with Pippity

If you are looking for a good email popup check out pippity for your WP site. The problem with most popups out there is that they can be ridiculously annoying. Pippity does a great job of making sure that it is relevant to your users by not popping up every time you visit.  It is highly customizable allowing you to control the design, when and where it pops up, for whom it pops up and there is split testing so you can continue to tweak your capture settings as time goes on.

#2 Call to action with OptinSkin

Another call to action plugin that works great is something called OptinSkin. This plugin brings a verity options by allowing you to add a call to action box in your post or on your sidebar. OptinSkin has a ton of customizable features including split testing and great analytics. It is a great product for placing at the end of your post allowing readers to subscribe after they’ve read your content. Here’s an example OptinSkin in action.  

#3 Something a little more subtle?

If sleek and subtle is more your taste then you might want to try a smaller feature across the top of your site. Hellobar does a great job of grabbing your readers attention without being to intrusive. Hellobar displays a small strip at the top of your site with your call to action and a link (see the example below). When you click on the link you are brought to an email capture page, brillant!

#4 Grab some attention with Attention Graber

A close competitor to Hellobar is Attention Grabber. It essentially does the same thing except you have the ability to control the time delay in which the bar appears on the top of the site. You can also control the link destination as well. For example if you would rather the call to action lead to a sales page than an email capture form you can do that. Here is an example of Attention Grabber in action on

These are just a few of many possibilities out there. Give them a try and let us know what you think. If you would like us to install one of these on your wordpress site just let us know we are a happy to help!

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