How to Build a Business Account on Pinterest

Pinterest has been rapidly growing to become one of the leading social networking site. It’s user base has grown at an exponential rate since the day it was launched. Pinterest has now reach a point where it’s traffic is competing with highly known social sites such as Youtube, Reddit, LinkedIn and Google+. Statistics alone say that venturing to it would be a really great idea.

If your business’ products or services is more on visual side and you want to gain more attention on your social media presence, then pinning your products or services on this site is indeed a great choice! Now let’s start pinning by learning these few easy steps on how to get started!


1. Create an Account

First thing to do is go to and click on “New to Pinterest? Join as a Business”.  But, if you already have an existing Pinterest account and you want to convert it into a business account, just click “Convert your exisiting account”But take note that once you convert your personal account into a business account, there’s no way to revert it back into a personal account.


But there’s also another way of signing in, if you have any other social media sites such as facebook or twitter, you can also sync it and in that case would have been an easier way to sign up Pinterest.



After receiving an invite from Pinterest, you are now ready to start up and edit your account. And if possible, hope your account’s name is same as your other social sites account so there would be uniformity to your business’ brand. And it is also important to follow relevant topics or boards that is related to your business. For example your business is about food, then I suggest you search boards about food.



 2. Create your own Board

The board is an area where your product’s images would be pinned/posted. It is like your folder of a certain pin’s genre. Here’s some steps on how to create your own board.

  • First, go to Pinterest’s menu tab. And on the upper right side, you’ll see the add button or link, click it.
  • Now once you’re done clicking it you’ll eventually see the add box, and after you see the three options in it, click the Create a Board.

After that, you will see the Create a Board option, there you can type everything that is necessary on to your board’s content. And after typing the necessary information, click the Create Board button, and there you’re done and all set!


3. Pin your Products!

This is the best part in here. You will now be able to post or pin your product’s images. It is where you get the chance to showcase your product. But when you pin your product, make sure your product’s picture looks enticing or attracting so that you would have more chances to lure customers in buying or availing your services. And to do that, one must be really creative and innovating. But anyhow, here’s how you pin your product’s pictures.

  • Again, go back to the menu tab, and click the add button or link.
  • Then there goes the three options, and this time click Upload a Pin.


  • After that the Upload a Pin option will appear. Just a bit of advice, when you write your caption on the picture, make sure its relevant and accurate. If possible, make it more inviting so that people viewing it would be tempted to avail your service.



  • Now you’re done and all set! You’re now ready to show and sell off your products or services! When you upload many pictures, just repeat the steps on no.3.


Photo courtesy of Paul Henrick Garcia


 4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track down your Pinterest profile traffic statistics, like your top pins. In this case, it can help you give an idea of what’s the best thing to pin in the future. This is a great way to see how far you have come and tweak your pins and boards for the best results.


And also, don’t forget to communicate with your followers. For example hold some small contests or giving random giveaways. In this case, this will help drive traffic on your profile.

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